Gina Funderberk

August 2019

Easy as 123 Rossa made the process for the sale of my home seamless. She provided guidance on completing the paperwork and getting all of the required documents. The entire sale went very smoothly. I gave Rossa a five star rating!


Debbie Moses

July 20, 2020

Great Rossa is like a GPS of real estate , step by step turn by turn helping and fighting for you . Loved Rossa’s assertive approach to helping us, this time buying a house in the midst of covid19 was no easy task. Rossa is on point every step of the way, she keeps you informed, answers questions and makes process as easy as possible. I will highly recommend Rossa to anyone. Thank You Rossa from the bottom of our ❤️. I gave Rossa Evans a five star rating! 

Sheila Evans

April 1, 2018 

Rossa is the best, she taught me everything I needed to know held my hand and walk me through the process.  I felt very comfortable, excited and knowledgeable.  I would definitely recommend her.  

Gina Funderberk

November 28, 2016 

Rossa was referred to me by a close friend to help with the sale of my mom’s home. After contacting Rossa, we were walked through (with a lot hand holding) the completion of paperwork and entire process was seamless. I did not expect to have an easy closing but Rossa did exactly what she said she would do. We really appreciated all of the effort that was given to us and wish her all the best with future sales!


Shezell Mathis

May 6, 2015 

Rossa, was and excellent real estate Broker, she worked very hard to make sure our paper work was handle properly. I will refer her over and over again.. 

Thanks so much Rossa, for being so honest! 
Mrs. Mathis


Hermand & Lurley Bennette

April 22, 2015 

My wife and I like to recommend Rossa Evans of Vision Homes Realty Company as an excellent real estate broker. Rossa made us feel as though her schedule was completely open for us, accommodating our hectic travel schedules and long distance communications. Her vast knowledge of market analysis, contractors, financial options, legal issues, etc. showcased that she is one of the best in the industry. She possessed a strong business sense and negotiation skills which were a big help in navigating the many complexities involved in the sale of our home. Rossa provided valuable input during the contractual period, which enable us to make the best financial decisions. All responses to our questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. Her patience with us and our lack of understanding was beyond that of a realtor, but more resembling a friend. In summary, we had a great experience utilizing Rossa Evans for the sale of our beloved home. In today’s world, customer service is very important and we feel that Rossa is the epitome of delivering curstomer service that would exceed your expectations. We recommend you find out for yourself!


Mónica & Rebeca

April 21, 2015 

Nobody like Rossa! our gratitude towards her professional attitude and hard work is immense; thanks to her perseverance and knowledge we could finally closed a long and intricate case. Rossa really did make a difference in our lives. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a deal done. Rossa earned our admiration and respect for her tenacity as a realtor and as a person with such a big heart.  Thank you Rossa !


Joseph Necham

April 16, 2015 

Rossa represented the seller and us on the purchase of our home. It was a complicated transaction and Rossa worked diligently throughout the process to resolve all issues. We are so happy with our new home. 

Thank you!



November 7, 2014 

Wow! What a journe! It was a pleasure working with someone as knowlegeable and efficient as Rossa. We will enjoy our home for years to come thanks to Rossa! I realy appreciate your patience and understanding.



November 11, 2013 

Rossa is an energetic and committed person with a human hearth. Ever ready and willing to assist in whatever way possible for business interest. 
Thank you so much. See you soon.


Faye Crawley

October 25, 2013 

Rossa has assisted me with 3 transactions with excellent service. She is knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a loyal and determined realtor.


Robin Pinckney

October 14, 2013 

Rossa- Is a dedicated realtor who demonstrates her committment to her client with her diligence and resourcefulness. She operates with the highest degree of integrity and principles. Rossa was instrumental in the sale of my home and my immediate transition into an apartment. If anyone is seeking a loyal, knowledgement, compassionate realtor – give Rossa a call.


Shanell T Smith

July 31, 2013 

Rossa! Rossa! Rossa! Such a professional, pleasant, and doesn’t-beat-around-the-bush, realtor. Years ago, Rossa helped us secure our first home – which we loved, and now she is helping us to sell it. (We’ve outgrown it.) I highly recommend Rossa for anyone’s real estate needs.


Pamela Whitehurst

July 25, 2013 

Rossa, you have truly earned my business for life. I have many friends that are realtors, but I never regretted for one moment that we selected you. You have managed to surpass our expectations as far as patience, attention to detail, and educating us throughout thisentire process. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, hard working realtor. I always felt the process of buying a home was a stressful one, but you have certainly made it so much easier to digest. No matter what hour of the day I called, you were reachable, and if i may say, never short on words. How refreshing it was to continuously get a live person when you call a business, this my friend is rare in todays world of business. 

Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication and superior knowledge in the business. I look forward to doing business with Vision Home Realty again in the near future.



July 23, 2013 

Rossa, is the best Realtor I ever had, we looked for a house for over a year, and I eventually gave up, but when we met her, that was the end of our stress. She was on top of the games, so much concern of everything. 90% of realtors told us that we can?t close any house because of the bank we were dealing with, but Rossa make it happen quickly and easy. 
Vision Home Realty LLC is the perfect place for all your Real Estate Business. Rossa, Thank you so much.


Twum Pinkrah

July 19, 2013 

Rossa, you exceeded all that I was expecting from a realtor. When I made some mistakes, You stepped up and proposed to me a fast selling property, which was closed and purchased on July 15, 2013. Your hard work, high professionalism and thoughtfulness was manifested to me and any serious home buyer who comes to you will witness it. You helped me as a family member will. I you should always keep such an excellent work. My sincere thanks goes to you.


Donna Bonneau

July 15, 2013 

Thank you Rossa for your diligent hard work culminating in the closing of my property today. Your patience, knowledge, and professionalism has been a hallmark of service over the years. You assisted me with my first home purchase, and 10 years later the closing after a long frustrating process. I truly appreciate your assistance and extensive knowledge that saved me several thousands of dollars.


Gloribel Deleon

June 19, 2013 

Rossa thank you for helping me on getting my first home. She was very good, would work with her again. She is the best and easy to talk to. There are not enought words to express my gratitute because she went out of her way to make my dream house come true!!!


Linda Chappa

May 7, 2013 

There are not enough words to express how happy we are to have met and worked with Rossa Evans at Vision Homes Realty. She listed and sold by mother’s house (by long distance!) with professionalism and a “can do–no problem” attitude. If you are either buying or selling real estate, do yourself a favor and call Rossa Evans–she is the best in the business!!!!


Hector Hernandez

May 6, 2013 


I would like to thank you for all the help in acquiring my first home, I’m very happy with the excellent service that you gave us. 

If anybody is planing on buying or selling a home this is the correct person to call. 

Hector Hernandez 


Route Manager NYC


Robert Hansford

April 15, 2013 

Rossa is highly knowledgeable in her field of business and, at the same time, is capable of quickly understanding her clients’ business needs. She is a delight to work with and understands her clients’ needs for having a real bottom dollar effect. I am glad to have found her and now I highly recommend Vision Homes Realty, LLC in Passaic Park, NJ 
Robert Hansford


Francine Wise

February 25, 2013 

Hi Rossa, congratulations on your new location. I plan to stop in soon. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and honesty when Joe and I were looking for our first home. It is such a great fit! If you are planning to purchase a home, call Vision Home Realty today – they turn a dream into a reality. Rossa would love to hear from you.



January 25, 2013 

If you are serious about selling or buying a home, there is no one that will work harder to see that it happens for you. I have worked with Rossa Evans for years and she is the most knowledgeable agent when it comes to negotiating contracts, and overcoming difficulties that may arise during the sale process. She’s a real estate miracle maker…she makes it happen. Call her today, she’d love to hear from you.


Jonathan Evans

January 20, 2013 

Vision Homes Realty, LLC is the perfect place to go for all of your buying and selling needs. The service is guaranteed and the experience is abundant!